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The main articles from this website are available in a single document (pdf) for those who would prefer it in this form.

Published by the Simplicity Institute, this document also includes an inspiring analysis of the Simpler Way by Ted Trainer, who explores with great insight the question of how cheaply and sustainably we could live.

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Readers may also be interested in¬†Entropia: Life Beyond Industrial Civilisation, by Samuel Alexander, which is a work of fiction – a ‘utopia of sufficiency’ – that seeks to envision a culture and economy based on material sufficiency.


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  11. thanks for all your work. Dr. Trainer, I have a question for you. In your paper ” Can renewable energy sustain consumer society? A Negative Case” you did not believe that Supply side could solve our march to global ecocide. Given the developments in technology today, do you still have reason to believe technology alone will not suffice and if not, why.

    Looking forward to your response.

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  17. Looking forward to read… Thanks. I remember a saying of my old Aunts’ “Live simply so that others may simply live”. Good advice I think.

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  21. Slowing down and being thoughtful about what I think I need or what I want has been key in leading a simpler lifestyle. A complete plan is not required when trying to live more simply. The practice, and it does take practice, of being more thoughtful will naturally lead to a simpler life.

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  24. Excited and looking forward to read about The Simple Way. I want to analyse it in the light of the degrowth-movement and compare it to the Transition Town approach/strategy!

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  32. Hi there – I’d love a pdf copy of The Simpler Way, please.

    I’m in the early stages of researching a book on the subject and would also be interested in talking to Samuel and Ted (a kind of interview) if that’s possible. I’m on The Simplicity Collective’s email list so will contact Samuel that way as well.

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  43. Read Ted Trainer’s book “Abandon Affluence” years ago. Even more applicable today.

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