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The main articles from this website are available in a single document (pdf) for those who would prefer it in this form.

Published by the Simplicity Institute, this document also includes an inspiring analysis of the Simpler Way by Ted Trainer, who explores with great insight the question of how cheaply and sustainably we could live.

To receive this document, please fill out your details here and you’ll be sent the pdf file instantly.

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Once you have read the document, please return to this website and share your thoughts.

Readers may also be interested in¬†Entropia: Life Beyond Industrial Civilisation, by Samuel Alexander, which is a work of fiction – a ‘utopia of sufficiency’ – that seeks to envision a culture and economy based on material sufficiency.


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  2. “create your own entertainment”—H.D.Thoreau
    “play your life with joy”—yerba buena

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  5. Hi, I receive regular reads from the simplicity institute and completed the survey ages ago I believe. We recently changed from bigpond so I am sending this from our new email. Two birds, one stone maybe? :-) I would like to add that Dr. Samuel Alexander’s synopsis? seen in The Conversation that I received today was outstanding. I thought it was powerful, will move people, succint and really well written really… Well done to him!

    kind regards,

    Jo Blyth

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  8. Already on the path to a simpler life. Looking for more information

  9. Work in area of sustainable materials consumpiton. Interested in reading more from your website!

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  14. Looking forward to simplifying my life…

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  16. Hi there my name is Mike and i am interested in the PDF download. I am interested in some ideas and inspiration to learn to live a little bit more simply and fullfillingly. Many Thanks.

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  19. I am seeking to transition to a simpler lifestyle and I would appreciate reading your thoughts. Thanks.

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