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  1. There are not a great deal of new ideas here, which is good! A simpler life must go forward into the past in a way that takes the best ideas and works to make them better over a period of time. Sharing of these improvements without the thought of gaining monetary compensation, but merely accepting that one has made a positive contribution to the larger society will be for most of us more than enough! I am old enough to remember that families worked and ate together, had very simple yet satisfactory lives and prospered through the family unit. This has to be restored so that the current “top down management” in my country (Canada) and elsewhere is largely eliminated. People by and large have to retake responsibility for themselves and the family and not parcel out these to government which has now almost complete control over the individual.

  2. Your site has just been what I have been looking for. Living the typical american consumer driven lifestyle for most of my life. I have begun to realize that the things that really matter in this life are the things we cannot buy. Your site has helped me to focus on the simpler more fullfilling live I have overlooked in the past.

  3. Of course ! Very inspiring, let’s go our own way with a broad smile.

  4. Great looking site, lots of potential and I relate to many of the suggestions. As a teacher I often struggle with the tension between process and product. What will define success for the average Canadian 10 years from now? Especially the vulnerable ones. Industrial era education is so out of date its no longer funny, yet the system clings to it for fear of falling behind other global economies. competition and apathy can destroy classroom dynamic, but worst is if I battle to counteract cosumer propaganda. Some want marks, some want to be enguaged, and some want to socialize with others their own age. I wonder, are the ones who want to socialize wrong? They’re just so happy to follow along without interest. Their passion is their relationships. Any comments? Thanks

  5. Great initiative, well done. Very inspiring. Timely in the face of profound global ecological and economic ills. This is a good re-beginning, because many of these ideas and practices have been around for a long time, and we have to consider why they haven’t been so popular or widespread of late.
    Partly I think it is for lack of mindfulness, and an excess of status anxiety, as mentioned at the beginning of this document. The breaking and remaking of entrenched habits of mind, body and spirit is required.
    But we must also consider vested interests, and the ways that social and material power is generated and mediated today. Private property is a biggie. We must call dominant forms of power into question, and recognize that to achieve an easier and better life takes courage, perseverance, patience. Civil disobedience in the face of unjust and/or irrational laws. The ways and forms of decision-making must be considered; the occupy movement was inspirational in this regard.
    Much time will need to be spent in participatory decision-making (and reflecting on the best form(s) of participatory decision-making) in a transition to (and living in) a simpler way. I don’t think that power and authority can be eliminated; we need to consider how they can be better mediated, managed, shared. Abuse of power can still occur in simpler social formations; people will still make mistakes, do harm to each other and the ecosystem – but hopefully not on the same scale as in our current globalised hyper-industrialism.
    There is much passive acceptance of the current social, political and economic institutions in Australia to manage many of the dangers and risks that are perceived to exist; this website challenges that passive acceptance, and is a powerful vision of other, better ways of being.

  6. Thankyou for taking the time to create a site that will help so many.

    Look forward to adding what we have learnt and applying what we learn.


    Digger Street

  7. thank you for bringing all these topics together, i will read them with great interest. with kind regards Viola

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